Squinzano - Lecce, 1923

He was born in Squinzano in 1923, early drawing attention on himself as one of the most original singers of the music scene. Frequent his television appearances, where thanks to his very personal style, he attracted the attention for his joyful spontaneity of execution and passion for the swing which led him to interpret songs such Marilu and ‘O Pinguino Innamorato, but also spectacular songs as Blue Moon.

Asti, 1932

He was born in Asti in 1932,in 1932, known as the Senator, and as saxophonist musician and composer of enormous talent. After an abroad period in Belgium, he came back to Italy creating the Basso – Valdambrini Quintet, along with Oscar Valdambrini trumpeter.
With this formation, since the ‘50s years will be on tour throughout Italy and Europe earning huge successes and also lucky collaborations with artists such as Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker.
Starting in the ‘60s his fame grew immeasurably reaching the United States where he played with the greatest artists of the time further than to be among the most requested session man in the world.

Milano, 1972

Milan jazz pianist was born in 1972 quickly establishing himself as one of the most esteemed artists. Excellent collaborations with jazz musicians such as Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Pat Metheny, Lee Konitz and Richard Galliano.
He is considered as one of the most brilliant and eclectic jazz musicians of the Italian landscape, thanks to lively contaminations and citations that made up his songs.
Also his improvisations are very famous during which there is often a jockey duet with the public.

Vittoria - Ragusa, 1989

He was born in Vittoria in 1989. He is certainly the most striking example of child prodigy in the history of recent jazz. He moved his first steps toward the “adult” music at the tender age of nine, already able to top-flight perform both by transverse flute and by jazz piano.
In 2002, his meeting with Winton Marsalys was decisive for his career since he remained so impressed by his talent and artistic expressions, as to involve him in the European Tour for the following year.
Since then, he has been winning numerous awards and multiplying his collaborations with the best contemporary artists.

Rome, 1969

He was born in Rome in 1969 and since years he is considered an leading saxophonist and main character of the international jazz scene. After various experiences in Italy, he moved to Paris where he got the admittance to numerous clubs and he entered into the Laurent Cugny’s International Jazz Orchestra.
His consecration occurred later, after the appreciation of Michel Petrucciani, who invited him to join his formation.

Berchidda, Olbia-Tempio, 1961

Sardininan trumpeter, he was born at Berchidda in 1961 and together with Enrico Rava is considered the most important trumpeter in the world. About the year 1980, he began his professional career and from then collected an extraordinary number of awards and collaborations with the most important Italian and foreign artists.
Among the numerous participations at Umbria Jazz, there is one in particular to be reminded : that one of 2001, when, he formed the “Miles Quintet”, together with Enrico Rava, which was a formation created to celebrate the common master ten years after his death. Previously, the cooperation between the two trumpeters had churned out the Shades of Chet disc which was for doing homage to the other great moving spirit and model who was Chet Baker .

Rome, 1958

Born in Rome in 1958, he was the Italian drummer considered among the best jazz musicians of national and international scene. He worked both with representatives of the Italian author music and with the leading members of the international jazz as Gorge Coleman, John Scofield, Richard Galliano and Pat Metheny. In recent years he strengthened his own collaboration with the trumpeter Enrico Rava.
He participated in ten editions of Umbria jazz.

Bari, 1975

Born in Bari in 1975, is considered among the more talented trombonist of jazz beginners. After some time spent in Germany where he worked with many international artists, he steadily became part of Enrico Rava’s quintet whose formed an integral part.
In 2000 he was member of the National jazz Orchestra directed by Paolo Damiani, , but only recently he started up in a soloist career.

Rome, 1949

Born in Rome in 1949, is certainly among the best jazz pianists of the Italian and European scene. Clear classical derivations helped to define his style, strongly influenced by the Debussy’s music.
During his career, he recorded more than 60 CDs, working with greater international artists and attending to the most important jazz festivals in Europe as well as Umbria Jazz of course.

Trieste, 1939

Famous Triestine trumpeter, was born in 1939 and probably is the best-known Italian jazz musician in the world. Composer and flugelhornist as well as virtuoso of the trumpet boasts of numerous and prestigious recordings and collaborations with the greatest international artists. In the 60s and 70s, came in contact with the vanguards starting playing in London and in South America. Strict and refined trumpeter,Enrico Rava collected the most different influences mixing them with his extraordinary artistic sensibility and his completely personal style.

Vicenza, 1957

Born in Vicenza in 1957, but soon he moved to Rome where he got the piano degree at the St. Cecilia Academy of music.
He made his way into jazz world, participating in some compositions. His refined sensibilities of jazzman led him to play alongside the most famous American soloists, as Lee Konitz and Chet Baker.
He didn’t rebuff short excursion into the pop music world, collaborating with several Italian authors such as Mina, Cocciante, Pino Daniele and Fiorella Mannoia.