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A modern city 3000 years old
Modernity and tradition have always been faced each other in the city of Perugia, where ancient and modern monuments coexist in an urban mosaic characterized by a matchless beauty. Each page of its history is recorded in its stones, in its wonderfully painted walls of an intrigue of civilizations...
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Good food of Perugia
Modern gastronomy goes toward two directions at the same time. From one side it expresses every kind of possible and conceivable novelty, matching aromas and flavours never juxtaposed before, sectioning food in order to obtain new fragrances, new kind of cooking, more and more...

Celebrities of Perugia
Famous carachters of perugia town and its environs: Alezzi Galeazzo - Galeazzo Alessi was born in Perugia. He cared about his architect training under the leadership of Mr. Giovan Battista Caporali, taking inspiration from him thanks to the discerning study of ancient buildings. Regarding the development ...
Town history

Perugia Great events

Umbria Jazz Umbria Jazz  - For more than thirty years Umbria has been giving hospitality to Umbria Jazz, the event which...

AltroCioccolato AltroCioccolato of Gubbio
16-19 october

Peace March Peace March Perugia-Assisi

Umbria libri Umbria libri

bATěk film festival bATěk film festival
8-14 december '09